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Kopa Robata Grill

Quick Overview

  • Professional Robata Grill designed for UK restaurant market

  • Multi-level grilling with multiple temperature zones

  • Fire-proof charcoal burning chamber

  • Stainless steel side-tabling with GN compatible storage

  • Stainless steel construction with high-density insulation

  • Space for two independent grills per level

  • Lower grill dimensions: 565 x 350mm

  • Upper grill dimensions: 240 x 620

  • Includes Kopa Tongs and stainless-steel skewers x5 as standard

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The Robata Grill is a long-standing Japanese grilling technique, with origins dating back to ancient Japanese fisherman whom would take boxes of hot coals with them on their boats to grill and cook the fish they caught. Now the Robata grill is becoming increasingly popular with all types of UK restaurant, as the general demand for high-quality grilled food soars.

This Kopa Robata Grill builds on this story of traditional cooking and has been moulded after those coal boxes. Utilising charcoal, the Kopa Robata Grill has been specifically designed for the UK restaurant market and is great for grilling and barbecuing in front of guests.

Robata Grills are highly versatile and that’s what makes them particularly popular with the UK restaurant market. They are well suited to a variety of cuisines and grilled dishes thanks to a layout that allows for many different heat zones that can be used for grilling and heating food.

Just like other Kopa Professional charcoal products, the Kopa Robata grill is built using high-quality stainless steel throughout and features insulation and a naturally vented housing to prevent excessive heat build-up on external surfaces.

Additional Information

Dimensions 1175H x 1800W x 800D
Heating Up Time No
Cooking Temperature No
Charcoal Usage No
Food Production No
Grill Size No
More Information (PDF) No
Spares & Accesspries No
Datasheet No
Manual No
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