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Kopa Charcoal Oven

KOPA Charcoal Oven

The Kopa charcoal oven is heated by burning charcoal or wood. The working temperature inside the oven is between 250ºC to 450ºC. Our charcoal ovens have been designed and manufactured to high quality standards for use in commercial restaurants.

Fast and Energy Efficient

Fast & Energy Efficient

Charcoal consumption is 45% lower than with a conventional open grill. It is also much faster than an open grill, for example a 4 cm, 350 g. steak is roasted to medium rare in 4 minutes.

Reduced Gas Build Up

Reduced Gas Build Up

The temperature inside the oven makes the drippings evaporate before they reach the charcoal and thus preventing the build up of gases inside the oven.

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