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Kopa Heated Upper Rack

Quick Overview

  • Genuine Kopa Heated Rack (for Kopa Type 400 Charcoal Ovens)

  • Can be chosen during installation, or easily added as an after-purchase

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Ideal for keeping food warm

  • Utilises chimney heat from your Charcoal Oven to warm

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The Kopa Heated Rack can be easily added to the Kopa Type 400 Charcoal Oven in the same manner as the Kopa Hot Cupboard or combined to create a pair. This is chosen as an installation option or added as an after-purchase. The Basic function of the Kopa heated rack is to utilise the additional space above the Kopa oven for keeping food warm. Heat is generated from the resonating heat from the oven body and by the chimney, meaning no electricity supply is required. Includes an adjustable shelf as standard.

Additional Information

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