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Kopa Charcoal Oven Type 400C

Quick Overview

The Kopa Type 400C combines the most popular Kopa Type 400 charcoal oven with an integrated two-level warming cabinet in the same colour as the oven.
Cooking Temperature250-350c
Charcoal Usage5-8kg 24hr
Grill Size530 x 570

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  • Grill Rack Size: 530 x 570
  • Warming cupboard shelf: 530 x 570
  • Capacity: 47Kg Meat per hour
  • Working Temperature: 250-350c
  • Avg. Charcoal Consumption (24 Hours): 5-8Kg
  • Enamelled coloured front panel
  • Analog thermometer
  • Integrated two level warming cupboard
  • Built-in ash pan and grease tray
  • Heat-resistant stainless-steel handle
  • 2 stainless steel grill racks
  • Fully adjustable air regulator

Kopa Type 400C Charcoal Oven

The Kopa Type 400C combines the most popular Kopa Type 400 charcoal oven with an integrated two-level warming cabinet in the same colour as the oven. The Kopa Type 400C charcoal oven offers enough space for two grill racks, allowing different dishes to be simultaneously prepared across two levels. It is the ideal charcoal oven for restaurants with up to 90 seats.

The integrated warming cabinet does not require any additional energy source, as it is heated via the air vents and chimney from the charcoal oven. It is ideal for preheating larger cuts of meat, resulting in better temperature distribution in the product, making this charcoal oven ideal for restaurants whose core menu revolves around grilled food.

Kopa Charcoal Oven Features:

  • Heated by burning charcoal inside the oven, Kopa charcoal ovens reach working temperature between 250c and 350c. This is achieved through a combination of convection and radiation heat, so that food is both roast and grilled simultaneously, rather than baked.
  • Much faster than an open grill, for example a Kopa charcoal oven can cook a 350g beef steak to medium-rare in approximately 4 minutes.
  • The high temperatures achieved inside the charcoal oven means that drippings evaporate before they reach the charcoal, thus preventing the build up of gasses inside the oven. This means that it is possible to simultaneously cook both fish and meat without any transfer between the two
  • Charcoal consumption is 45% lower than with a conventional open grill, making the Kopa charcoal oven cheaper to operate than an electric oven of comparable power.
  • Heavy duty insulation ensures that food cooks quickly and evenly whilst preventing the oven radiating excess heat to the commercial kitchen. This means quicker cooking and a safer, more comfortable working environment for chefs.
  • Smoke build-up is minimal and fully controlled with regulation levers located on the top and bottom of the charcoal oven whilst the labyrinth hood prevents sparks from exiting the unit, making it safe to use underneath a traditional canopy.

Additional Information

Dimensions 1431H x 712W x 700D
Heating Up Time No
Cooking Temperature 250-350c
Charcoal Usage 5-8kg 24hr
Food Production No
Grill Size 530 x 570
More Information (PDF) No
Spares & Accesspries No
Datasheet No
Manual No
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