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Kopa K300B Charcoal Oven Black

Quick Overview

Kopa 300 charcoal oven is the base model of the oven, designed especially for kitchens with limited space. It requires no additional gas or electric installation or a special chimney extension - you could simply place it on a counter under a kitchen vent. Its capacity is 50 meals daily, with the same quality process and design as the bigger models.

Cooking Temperature250ºC to 350ºC
Grill Size380 x 570 mm

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The Kopa 300 charcoal oven is heated by burning charcoal inside the oven. The working temperature inside the charcoal oven is between 250ºC to 350ºC. This temperature is a combination between convection and radiation heat and the food inside the oven is roasted and grilled instead of baked.

It is much faster than an open grill, for example a 4 cm, 350 g. steak is roasted to medium rare in 4 minutes.

Charcoal consumption is 45% lower than with a conventional open grill which makes the oven, depending of the local price of the adequate charcoal, also cheaper to operate than electric oven of comparable power.

The temperature inside the charcoal oven makes the drippings evaporate before they reach the charcoal and thus preventing the build up of gases inside the oven.

Some chefs are even roasting fish above the meat and have no taste transfer between the two. The oven is especially good for roasting meat and fish, though chefs are using it also for baking potato and vegetables and even sweets like tarte tatine.

The oven is not radiating excess heat to the outside and thus making the working environment inside the kitchen much more bearable.

The build up of smoke is minimal and is only present when the oven is fired up and when it is opened after it has been idling at lower temperature for a long time. The labyrinth hood prevents the sparks from exiting and entering the chimney and this makes the oven safe to use under the hood.

The regulation is done via two levers, one on the top and one on the bottom. By closing both you can bring the oven to a standstill and use the remaining charcoal the next day.

To use the charcoal oven properly takes a bit of time to learn, but after that it is quite simple. You are able to you tube videos showing how to properly use the oven.

• Stainless steel frame
• Enamelled coloured front panel
• 600°C Kopa analogue thermometer
• Built-in ash pan
• Grease tray
• Heat-resistant stainless steel handle
• 2 stainless steel grill grates
• 1 x stainless steel grill shelf
• Fully adjustable air regulator
• Working temperature: 250 - 350 °C
• Av. daily charcoal cons.: 3 - 6 kg

• Firebreak
• Firebreak Hood
• Grill Rack
• Thong
• Ash Drawer

• Weight: 110 kg
• Grill Rack size: 380 x 570 mm
• Capacity: 10 kg meat / h

Additional Information

Dimensions 890 x 712 x 548 - 820mm
Heating Up Time No
Cooking Temperature 250ºC to 350ºC
Charcoal Usage No
Food Production No
Grill Size 380 x 570 mm
More Information (PDF) No
Spares & Accesspries No
Datasheet Datasheet
Manual Manual
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